Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long time, no post

I seem to have reached the inevitable time where regular posting has slowed significantly. I shall try not to let this continue to a halt. The holidays were very nice and relaxing, but my return to normal life has been very slow. The first few days after New Year's, I simply could not get myself to move! I'm still generally tired, but I'm slowly but gradually getting back into regular activities.

I really loved the weather earlier this week. Sunday was so glorious when the temperatures hit a record-breaking mid-60s. Monday was the first day back to school, and my choir convinced me to let them go outside for a while. (I hadn't planned much due to the previous week's lethargy, and, let's face it, I'm a pushover and I want them to like me.) I couldn't believe I didn't need a jacket on January 7th in Northern Illinois!

Just before I let the kids go outside, I heard at least one of them say something about "global warming." At that point I reclaimed the attention of the entire group and made a strong statement: "I want you all to know that this is NOT global warming; it's WARM WEATHER." And then they pranced around for ten minutes outside because it's really good for young adolescents to get exercise and fresh air in our society of ever-increasing obesity.

That's right folks, "global warming" as a phenomenon has been utterly blown out of proportion. It has gone from a long-term climate trend of multiple origins studied by meteorologist to a political entity and fad aimed at alarming people, making them believe the world as we know it will end in 20 years and--perhaps even more ridiculous--that our actions not only caused the problem but can also directly reverse it.

Anyone who claims a "consensus" among scientists on these issues is lying or at least grossly misinformed. One must stay informed and keep in perspective just how ridiculous are many of the claims of the global warming campaign. Voices of common sense are yet still too few and far between, but I believe they will gain strength as the general population abandons this fad in favor of living lives of moderation and economic responsibility.

That is my optimistic viewpoint. In the meantime, I laugh at the so-called "global warming follies" and nod vigorously in agreement with common sense articles posted on this blog:

Visit, laugh, and realize that God's creation is still and will remain far too complicated for even the most intelligent among us to completely understand.