Saturday, April 12, 2008

I do not want this man as my president

There, I said it.

[quotes are taken from here]

This is from the other day:

"It's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations," he said, according to the Huffington Post Web site.

Here's his follow-up today:


"I said something that everybody knows is true, which is that there are a whole bunch of folks in small towns in Pennsylvania, in towns right here in Indiana, in my hometown in Illinois, who are bitter. They are angry. They feel like they've been left behind. They feel like nobody is paying attention to what they're going through. So, I said, well you know, when you're bitter, you turn to what you can count on. Some people, you know, they vote about guns, or they take comfort in their faith, and their family and their community. And they get mad about illegal immigrants who are coming over to this country, or they get frustrated about, you know, how things are changing. That's a natural response. Now, I didn't say it as well as I should have because, you know, the truth is that these traditions that are passed on from generation to generation, those are important. That's what sustains us. But, what is absolutely true is that people don't feel like they're being listened to, you know, and so they pray and they count on each other, they count on their families. You know this in your own lives. And what we need is a government that is actually paying attention, a government that is fighting for working people day in and day out, making sure that we are trying to allow them to live out the American dream, and that's what this campaign is about. We've got to get past the divisions, we've got to get past the distractions in our politics and fight for each other."

Mr. Obama is doing an abysmal job of appealing to the small towners of Pennsylvania and Indiana. I HOPE. I usually don't jump into political arguments, but this really angers me. Is it just me, or does he seem to be implying that government done his way can replace religion? That's certainly the gist I got from this rambling. The simple folk must be thinking, "Oh, gee, no one's paying attention to me, so I guess I'll try guns and prayer." Give me a break.

These are issues that many people care deeply about, and he brushes them off, claiming those people are "bitter." Here's a tip, Barry: when people care about things, they want validation. So thank you for exposing yourself so clearly as someone who will not validate those bitter, praying, simple small town folk.

Then again, it's understandable that Obama would think faith=frustration, given that his own "ex" pastor hates America. I suppose now that his campaign has taken off and he will create the government of everyone's dreams, we all won't need petty things like prayer. Sure, we can keep those traditions cuz, well, like, you know, they're important and stuff. Let's just get over that little faith stumbling block and put away your guns (those nasty crutches for bitterness) and I'm sure you'll love all the immigrants once you get to know them, and then we can all start living the American dream! Which is. . .what?

I don't like Hillary Clinton either, but she at least knows how to validate people:

"The people of faith I know don't 'cling to' religion because they're bitter," she said. "People embrace faith not because they are materially poor, but because they are spiritually rich."

People really need to open their eyes about Obama. Look beyond his demeanor, his words, and see him for the man he is. He doesn't care about you. He doesn't know you, he's not one of you. And he's getting bad at pretending he is.

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