Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Five: 7/3

This is the first halfway-decent Friday Five I've seen in a while.


1. It's the last night of the world, and you've only just found out. What five things will you do in these final hours?

eat something bad for me, update Twitter with something witty, listen to Bach, talk to family, and cuddle with my hubby

2. How do you feel about our American Flag's design?

I wish they had kept the unicorns, horseshoes, moons, and other lucky charms, but it's decent, I guess.

3. What pets have you had?

Hmm, let's see. The first pet I remember having was a goldfish. We had four goldfish, for each of us four kids. I think we set them free. We got a yellow lab named Ernie (Ernestine) when I was eight, and she lived to the ripe old age of almost 13. My family got another yellow lab named Lucy when I was 19, and she's now 7. I still think of her as "my" dog, because she's the closest thing to a pet I have right now. I also had a betta fish named Henry sometime around the age of ten. He croaked. And during my freshman year of college, my roommate and I each got a goldfish from Walmart. They were both dead within 12 hours.

4. What was the last activity you wore a wristband for?

Pretty sure that was the Miller Brewery tour in Milwaukee in May. That was when we went to the Cubs-Brewers game, of which I have many photos but I never did post about it. :(

5. What song changed your life?

And this is the clunker question. It's just stupid. Can I just say music "changed my life" and leave it at that? Well yes, I can, for this is MY blog.

Happy Fourth, blogland!

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HL said...

That's incredible...I was at the same game--and the Miller Brewing Company that weekend!!! Adam and I met up there to hang out. What are the chances? What day did you go to the brewery?

here's my post from it.
Happy Independence day to you and Erich!!