Friday, May 18, 2012

Typical Night*

8:45 Get home from church (Ascension Day!)
9:30 Lily asleep
9:40 Walter asleep
9:45-11:30 Rare quality time with husband (Downton Abbey and folding laundry)
12:00 Walter wakes up, can't go back to sleep due to stuffy, runny nose
12:30 Still nothing works; I grab robe and blanket and resign us to the La-z-boy.
12:55 Walter asleep

12:57 Panicked whining and crying from Lily's room
12:58 I try to rouse Erich, as I'm sure Lily is wetting the bed. I turn up the volume on the baby monitor and return to the recliner.
1:05 Distant cries subside, I drift off, hoping Erich has done something.

2:40 Walter and I both wake. He's hungry. I feed him and manage to get him happily sleeping flat. I return to bed.

2:55 Lily's awake again. I ascertain that Erich did not go to her earlier. The scent of warm urine hangs in the air as I discover her and her sheet completely wet. I undress her and plop her, naked and sticky, on the toilet and return to her room to strip the bed. Clorox wipe and dry the table cloth serving as moisture barrier. Erich shows up. I hand him new pj's and underwear and he tends to Lily. I put on a new fitted sheet. Erich returns with Lily who is refusing to put on any clothes for some reason. I flirt with losing my cool and so fetch a glass of water for my scratchy throat and return to bed, extremely grateful that Walter didn't do anything more than a few isolated cries.
3:30 Return to sleep interrupted periodically by sniffly baby

7:30 Walter awake and up for the day
8:15 Lily up

*Okay, this was much worse than typical but better than the worst. I'm thankful Erich made extra coffee today.

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