Saturday, November 17, 2007


It's almost Thanksgiving, so I want to make a quick post about Halloween. It was fun! Melissa had a party the Saturday before at her home/my former place of residence. I decided to go as Marilyn Monroe and Erich was a redneck. Here we are, posing at the plex:

And one at the party:

On Halloween day, I met Tim, Erin, and Alayna at my parents' house where Alayna went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. She looked adorable in her dinosaur costume (though she refused to wear the headpiece), and I decided to go along and take pictures.

I'm pretty sure she's making a dinosaur noise here.

First house! Practicing saying "Trick or treat!" (which sounded more like "go-ko deet!")

"They're giving out candy! Finally my cuteness pays off!"

A ghostly encounter

I also had an opportunity to take nice pictures of the beautiful fall foliage. Most of it has finally blown off the trees by now.

Happy Autumn, everyone!

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Hannah J said...

Very cute! (Your eyebrows didn't quite match the wig, though... :D)