Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weddings make me happy

This is my friend Sarah. We've known each other since we started college at Valparaiso in the fall of 2001. We became really good friends in the spring semester of 2004 when we were roommates. She had spent the previous semester in Cambridge, England and I had been in Reutlingen, Germany, so we were both in need of a roommate. Seemed like a good solution to room together.

Sarah and I have different personalities, but despite these differences (just in personalities, not in opinions!), we got along really well. We were the only two people in our class with the exact same major--BA in church music with piano as our primary instrument. (But we both like singing better. :) And that spring semester of our junior year was important for church music majors. We had our church music class together as well as our practicum, other music classes, and Chorale. And since we knew we worked well together, we roomed together on Chorale tour, which was a long one! And you know what? We never fought. I don't think we even got sick of each other. And even though we have not spent as much time together since that semester, we've kept up with each other through graduations, different jobs, moves, and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.

And now my friend Sarah is getting married herself! Her Chris is a really great guy, and I know they will be very happy together. After their super-fun bachelor/bachelorette party on Friday (combined, because that's more fun), I am very excited for this wedding and am honored to be a bridesmaid. There's nothing like getting together and having great beer (at Harrison's and Rock Bottom) with genuinely friendly people.

This one's for you, Sarah and Chris! I wish you many blessings in your married life!

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Sarah said...

You are awesome! I'm so happy you came on Friday, and I cannot wait to see you again in less than two weeks!!!