Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Five: 10/24

This is last week's Friday Five, because today's is pretty dumb.

1. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

I've always thought I'd like to be a fish. Sure, they're dumb, but they get to swim around all day. Maybe a dolphin would be better-- they're smart, and they're always having fun.

2. If you could mate two animals together, which would you pick?

I presume that if they mated, they would produce offspring that would be a cross between the two. That's the point, right? Not the actual mating part? ;) I'm going to steal my idea from South Park and say an elephant and a potbelly pig.

3. What would you call the offspring from #2?

Ummmmmm... a bellyphant. It would be small, of course, so as to make a good pet.

4. If you could change an animal's colors, which would you pick and which colors would you use?

I wouldn't mind seeing my family's yellow lab, Lucy, as a bright pink. I think that would fit her personality.

5. If you could make one animal extinct, which would you pick?

Rabbits--the wild kind that eat everyone's gardens. I don't think they'd be missed. Also, Canadian geese. At least let people shoot them! They're such a poopy nuisance.

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