Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Five: 8/21

1. What time of the day is your favorite, and why?

Early morning, when everything is nice and peaceful. I rarely experience this, however, usually opting for more sleep.

2. What's the best time to take a walk, and where to?

Mid-evening around 7pm. Lately I've been walking to a nearby park with a playground set among some trees. I can make a nice loop along some trails through wooded areas. Walks like this remind me of why we moved to this neighborhood.

3. When can you work best?

Nighttime. I'm a total night owl. I was up painting last night till after 10pm. (Don't worry, I was doing the ceiling with a roller, the windows were open, a fan was running, and it was nice and breezy.)

4. What to do on sunny mornings and stormy evenings?

Sunny mornings: sit out on the deck with a nice book or magazine. Stormy evenings: cook a warm meal then curl up on the couch.

5. When you look outside right now, what do you see?

All I have to do is look above my computer screen to see the tall trees that line the creek behind our house. Sometimes I see cardinals, blue jays and yellow finches giving me avian primary color lessons. Unfortunately, this view is occluded by our terrible windows, which we hope to replace next year.

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