Monday, August 3, 2009

Vacation 2009: Day 2, Part 1

Vacation day two was almost as cold as day one, but it was much more action-packed.

Our first stop was a logging museum that, frankly, I could have gone my whole life without seeing and been happy. But I suppose we stopped by because it was on our way to Tahquamenon Falls, the main event.

One fun thing about the logging museum was our tour guide. This kid was about 13 (going into high school, but he looked like a shrimpy freshman), his wavy hair was slicked down with a razor-straight side part, and his clothing seemed stuck in time. Slim-fitting jeans that were a few inches off the top of his shoes, flannel shirt, etc. Basically, some wrinkles would have made him a shrunken 90-year-old. I found him mildly amusing, especially when he complained about knee pain. He said he had gone up in a light house the day before and now his knees were killing him from "here to here." I didn't see at first that he was actually pointing to spots just above his knees and just below his hips. His quadraceps, you see. Here I was thinking, "This poor little-old-man kid has bad knees!" But it was actually just sore muscles.

(This became a catch-phrase for the week, especially since on Day 3, we did actually climb up to the top of a light house, and my "knees hurt from here to here" for the better part of two days afterward.)

We bid "smell ya later" to the logging museum (Okay, it was mildly interesting, but the tour lasted way too long. There's only so much I want to know about the history of logging in the UP.) and continued on our way to Tahquamenon Falls. We were closer to the Lake Superior shore up there and it was very cold.

Erich bought a sweatshirt and a hat for the wintertime, which I wore on this cool July day. I refused, however, to wear closed-toe shoes. It's July, darnit!

After a scrumptious lunch at the park's on-site brew pub, we headed off to the Upper Falls. I managed to get some good pictures before my camera batteries died:

Then we drove down to the Lower Falls, and I retrieved some fresh batteries from the car.

Mom, Andrew, Lexi

Michael (coming soon to a Concordia near us!) holding our goddaughter Emily. This is my favorite portrait-type photo I took.


Later in the day we went to Kitchitikipi, but that will have to wait for another post. :)

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The tour guide sounds like a certain husband of yours that I remember at 13... :)