Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wegan Wanderings: Starve Hollow

A few weeks ago, Erich and I finally had a chance to travel down to Jackson County, Indiana, where his father has been installed as pastor of a small congregation. It was a beautiful weekend in a beautiful area. We drove up to a state park, Starve Hollow, which affords gorgeous views of the surrounding areas.

Somewhere around here is Wegan, which is basically a spot on the map with a church and a parsonage--the in-laws' new abode.

And here we are standing in front of it. Erich looks great as always, and it's a good face picture for me. But I was 17 weeks pregnant at the time, which makes me look just generically big in my frontal region. Awkward!

Brothers! It's so fun to walk behind the three of them walking in a line. They have the same walk! Brothers are funny like that.

MIL and FIL. I don't think I've ever seen them as happy as they have been in this new location. Can you blame them?

As we were standing around, Erich liked something about the way the wind was blowing my unkempt hair, so he wanted to do a little photo shoot:

I'll have to work on my modeling skills... or NOT.

As we drove through the park, this was the typical view off the side of the road. Unfortunately, it was difficult to capture just how steep it really is.

This is a view of Brownstown, the nearest town that's slightly more than a smudge on the map.

And here's a bird.

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