Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Lily walks up to me holding a crayon.

Lily: "I need a paper towel. For the wall. For the crayon."

Me: (slightly alarmed) "Did you color on the wall?"

Lily: "I make a circle. On the wall."

Me: "Lily, you never color on the wall! Only on paper."

Lily: "It's for the paper. It's a circle."

Me: "Where did you draw on the wall? Can you show me?"

Lily: "Okay!"

She shows me her art right next to the front door, highlighting its circle-ness. I explain again that she is not to use crayon on the walls.

Lily: "Only paper! I make a sun, I make a circle on the paper."

It seems my house is not safe. Good thing the walls are in bad shape anyway and are slated for new paint sometime this year. And I suppose I can be glad she originally came to find me in order to clean up her mess.

Kids. Amirite?

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Elaine said...

And now I am wondering why it took this long before she drew on the wall!