Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Lose

I'm so tired.

It's all I can think about when I have to get up in the morning. The fatigue grows through the day as my task list starts to snowball. Just thinking about trying to make dinner for my family can make me want to cry.

I finally see the toddler off to bed. The baby settles in for a long night of much sleeping (he's seriously the best). I finally get a chance to spend some time unwinding with my dear husband.

9:00. I'm going to get to bed at such a decent time tonight!

9:36. It's still so decently early. I should get this laundry folded.

10:04. It's not late yet. I'm done with housework. Let's watch one more episode of TV.

10:40. I'm still going to get so much sleep tonight! See! I'm headed toward my bed right now!

11:45. What in the world just happened? My brain turned on and forgot I'm totally exhausted. So sad. I think I'll read for an hour.

And then I have both put off plenty of work for a day when I'm less tired AND helped ensure that I will never not be tired.

(Oh, and let's not forget the sleep-deficient toddler arising at the buttcrack of dawn, ready for a day of zombie-like mania. That's the nail in my rest coffin.)

It's time to turn this train around. I need to rebel against the curse of the night owl. But first I need a good night's sleep!

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