Thursday, August 23, 2007


I have much more to blog about tomorrow, or whenever I have time (busy week in the life of Miss Gavin!), but I just have one thing to share this dark and stormy night:

I have seen literally hundreds if not thousands of pictures of brides and bridesmaids in strapless dresses. Probably less than 5% of them look better than or as good in strapless as they might in something with sleeves--even spaghetti straps, for heaven's sake. Therefore, in my opinion, this broad sweeping trend ≠ justified. At all.

Those who have heard my strong opinions on this matter many times in person may think I'm beating a dead horse. But really, folks, I see more and more pictures of brides who should NOT be wearing strapless dresses far too often, and it pains me each time. That horse is far from dead.

(Incidentally, BOTH my wedding dresses have sleeves of some type. At least I KNOW I shouldn't wear strapless.)

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anne said...

I have seen way too many nipples at weddings where everyone wore strapless.