Sunday, August 12, 2007

The obligatory "why I'm doing this" first post

The last thing I thought I needed as of this morning was another blog. I already have a livejournal, which I copy to my myspace blog. I posted in that a lot more when I was in college, usually when I was pondering life's great truths and opportunities after enjoying a beer or two with friends on a Thursday night. There was even a time when all my Valpo friends seemed to be getting xanga accounts, so I followed suit, but that didn't last long. (I thoroughly despise ugly advertisements showing up next to my innermost thoughts and desires....) Oh the whole, however, I'm not very capricious in the bloggy bog of the internet. I don't go creating accounts all over the place which I later delete. My aim is to start something that I'll actually continue. So it is hard to explain my justification for starting a new blog on what seems to be a whim. But I'll try my best.

There now remain less than six weeks until my wedding to my wonderful Erich. Even as I type, we are both getting packed up to get ready to move into the new duplex apartment we will share when we are married. Even though we have been engaged for over a year and have been planning our wedding for at least as long, I feel closer now than ever to starting a new chapter of my life; that is, my life as a Keller. Furthermore, I'm still a complete newbie in the world of piano teaching, which I started last October. Lastly, though Valpo initially prepared me, I'm still learning so much about teaching and performing church music in playing the organ, accompanying, and directing choirs. This year in addition to Bethany Lutheran Church's Girls Choir I started last year, I'm taking over Bethany School's seventh- and eighth-grade choir, Agape Singers. That starts up in less than two weeks, and I confess I am more than a bit apprehensive.

All the above factors combined indicate that in the following years I will have plenty to keep me busy. I will seek a way to organize it all, to lay it out for myself (and anyone else interested enough to read) to document all the things I learn in the various personal and professional areas of my life. As I have always loved writing, I believe keeping this blog will be the best way to organize my thoughts and experiences. And, while it's hard to squash such thoughts as, "But I'm too busy," ultimately, I realize life will always be busy and challenging, so all the more reason for documentation!

Comments will always be welcome. Let me know if you're reading! Thank you.

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