Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I find it funny, but ultimately not very surprising, how my lists in preparation for the wedding have evolved over the last thirteen months. At first there were simple items like, "secure venue for reception," "get photographer," etc. After we did all the big basic stuff by around January of this year, there was not much left to do for many months. Every vendor requires follow-up and second meetings and other details need to be decided, but winter was still too early to have everything worked out for a fall wedding.

Then at some point shortly after my first shower, I had what I termed the "four-month panic." I saw that there was still a long list of things that needed to be done and I had no idea when exactly everything needed to be done. And on top of it all, I knew Erich and I were going to have a busy summer of weekend travels. So I downloaded a calendar template and put in all our traveling as well as due dates for wedding meetings. Most of these due dates were self-imposed, but it was comforting to me as a somewhat recent student to have a "syllabus" laid out for the rest of my "semester" before the wedding. I'm not using the calendar very much any more since a lot of my self-imposed due dates didn't work out with reality and I was getting things done out of order. In early July, I knew it was time for a simple checklist. I tried to think of every detail that had yet to be attended to and I made this list on July 9:

  • call Celidan Flowers to schedule meeting about reception centerpieces (check)
  • arrange for cocktail-hour live music (moved to new list [N])
  • email Pastor Rossow to schedule pre-marital counseling (check)
  • email Anne to firmly set date to select beads and design headpiece (check)
  • print out and affix meal choice labels to response cards (check)
  • address invitations, stamp, send (check)
  • make hair appointments for regular cut/color and trial (N)
  • obtain brass music to send to musicians (N)
  • think about how to invite some guests to sing in choir (N)
  • type out and design service folder (check)
  • purchase guest book and pen (N)
  • fill in room diagram for reception (N)
  • design and print place cards (N)
  • design tables - finish favors (N and check)
  • rehearsal dinner invites (N)
  • set up big day chronology and assign duties (mostly check)
  • list formal picture poses (check)
  • talk with Magi [photographer] re: how day goes (N)
  • take my & bridesmaid's dresses to Gina's (florist) to match ribbon color (N)
  • complete list of "must have" songs for reception (check)
  • pack for Hawaii (N)
  • get marriage license (N)
  • change name (figure out how) (N)
This list served me well through the month of July. But as we got within eight weeks of the wedding I realized I was still getting things accomplished but I wasn't able to check items off the list. And I need to be able to check things to feel like I'm making progress. So I created FOUR new lists on August 7. Enjoy:

  • cocktail hour music
  • find someone with video camera and make sure first dance gets recorded
  • design table set-up
  • follow-up non-RSVPers
  • make table assignments and complete room diagram for Hilton
  • come up with symbol system for meal choices on place cards
  • print place cards
  • decorate gift card holder (check--thanks Erin!)
  • assign someone to guard gift table and escort gifts to _____'s room
  • send "must play" lists to Endless Knights (band) and Karaoke Mike (dj)
  • decide and confirm exact order of events and come up with script for Karl Keller (emcee)
  • finalize father/bride dance
  • make sure Erich decides on mother/groom dance
  • confirm pre-meal prayer with Grandpa Keller
  • do the wine thing (my dad will go to the Hilton to taste wines since their standard selection is sub-par)
  • select brass music (mostly check!)
  • send brass music to players
  • make list of singers and invite to sing in choir
  • arrange for day-of choir rehearsal and inform non-Proclaimers (half-check)
  • obtain hymn graphic for service folder from Phil
  • do final draft of service folder
  • print and fold service folder
  • rubber stamp each service folder
  • finalize list of formal picture poses and create a "call sheet" to distribute to family members
  • select readings
  • obtain marriage license
  • purchase guest book and pen(s)
  • appoint guest book attendant
  • pay brass musicians
  • place general invitation to ceremony in church News and Notes by 9/17
  • invite Girls Choir and Agape Singers and piano students to ceremony
  • oversee details of cake and punch reception
Vendor Confirmations
  • confirm with limo company (find out payment requirements)
  • meet with Gina to make final confirmations and show my and a bridesmaid's dres for ribbon color matching
  • contact Magi to tell her schedule for day and give photo "call sheet"
  • give final count to Hilton by 9/17
  • complete diagram and gather all favors, decorations, etc. and drop off to Hilton by 9/20
  • fill envelopes with fees/tips to be paid on 9/22 and label with correct names
Beauty and Other Pre-Wedding Preparations
  • make hair appointment for final cut/color
  • make hair appointment for trial style
  • practice make-up application (check! did that yesterday, it looked good)
  • invite guests to rehearsal dinner
  • make sure Erich/Dad K follow through with rehearsal dinner arrangements
  • make weekend itineraries for bridal party, ushers, parents, Magi, and Gina
  • make honeymoon itinerary and sent to parents
  • pack for honeymoon
  • obtain necessary materials to legally change name
  • decide wording for rehearsal dinner toast
  • invite guests to post-wedding brunch
  • help Erich with gifts for groomsmen
  • wrap attendant gifts
  • write thank-you notes to all involved in The Day
  • get appropriate gifts for ceremony people
  • wrap gifts for non-bridal party gift recipients
  • decide on, purchase, and wrap gift for Erich
  • remind Dad to get measured for tux
  • decide on required apparel, if any, for ushers
  • help Mom with Hilton guest goodie bags if needed
And that's it! And I keep thinking of more and more little things that need to be decided. It never ends. And to top it off, here's a really non-detailed list of non-wedding things I need to do in the next few weeks:

  • finish packing
  • move
  • familiarize myself with jr. high choir repertoire and select some for Agape Singers
  • select music for Girls Choir
  • write an updated policy sheet for piano students
All this in five and a half weeks! I don't know how I'll be able to avoid going nuts. :/


anne said...

Need pointers om the changing-your-name fun? I'm an expert :)

Erich said...

Susan, Your posts are the prettiest posts of all the posts. I love you!