Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Trek

Blog posts are more interesting when they have pictures. It's pretty much a scientific fact that word+pictures=way more interesting than words alone. And I want to have interesting blog posts! So here you go:

So after Girls Choir rehearsal at Bethany and after stopping by Sleight St. to pick up some things I forgot and mail that has come for me, I headed back to the Plex (that's the new name for Erich's and my place, short for "duplex") to make Erich dinner (whole wheat angel hair topped with a jar of mushroom and olive red sauce marked "Best by 08/2007," in case you were wondering) so he could have a decent meal before going to a brass rehearsal at church. Our very nice landlord and -lady came over to measure for a new fridge, as the current one doesn't work properly and it's very old. All this needless background information is for the purpose of inserting this very unexpected and surprising twist: I decided I really wanted to have The Office: Season Three DVD set that came out yesterday. Here's what it looks like:

I love, love, love this show. Everyone should watch it. It comes on when Erich and I are at choir rehearsal, but his computer automagically records it for us, which is so, so cool.

Anyway, I think to myself, this just came out yesterday, so I'll definitely be able to buy it, it's just a matter of whose "special edition" I want. Best Buy had a gift set with a mini Dundie and mini Dwight bobblehead

and that sounded very fun, so I decided to go to Best Buy. I drove about 10-15 minutes to the Best Buy in Aurora and found a nearly destroyed displayer with only a few DVDs, and none of them the special gift set. As they were priced at $39.99, I thought it would be better to swing by Target

and buy it there, where I knew them to be less expensive, even with the extra "Nifty Gifties," which weren't as exciting as the toys at Best Buy but still cool. Well, the Super Target on Rt. 59 was COMPLETELY SOLD OUT. What the heck. Slightly disheartened, I chose to go to another Super Target

on Diehl in Warrenville. THEY WERE SOLD OUT TOO. What really irked me was that on the shelves in these two Targets, I only saw space for about 10 DVD sets on their shelves. Um, helloooo, The Office is really popular, Target. You may want to order up more than 10 copies for the big release.

Somewhat out of ideas since I had decided to swing back north, I continued much farther on my journey than I thought I'd go to check the Butterfield Road/Downers Grove options. The first store I saw there was a Best Buy, so I went in and--you guessed it--they were sold out as well. By this point I was practically in tears after driving and walking in and out of stores for almost an hour, but I stubbornly refused to return to the Best Buy in Aurora. Besides, with my luck, they'd probably be sold out of the last five copies they had by the time I got there.

So onward I went to my last hope: Bolingbrook. I hopped onto I-355 and headed south, exiting at Boughton Road. I didn't see any Best Buys but continued westward to the last Target I would be willing to try near Weber Road. I went in, totally without hope, but knowing my journey would not end until I had that DVD set in my hot little hands. This Target in Bolingbrook is not "Super," so I had to gather my bearings to find the DVD section, but once I remembered where I could find it, I started off post haste. And there, in all their glory, were three shining copies! Hooray! They were sold out of the non-special version, but I got the whole thing plus Nifty Gifties (an extra disc and a copy of the script from the first episode of the season) for only $37.99. Granted, I probably wasted more than two dollars worth of gas in all my gallivanting about the western suburbs, but at least I eventually accomplished my goal. Oh, and I also felt I deserved some microwave popcorn,

so I got some of that too and headed home. I arrived back at the Plex exactly two hours after my departure. D'oh!

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Cheryl said...

Of course Bolingbrook would have what you were looking for! Why would you ever go anywhere else?