Monday, October 8, 2007

Hawai'i, Part 1: "Home" on O'ahu

Hawai'i is very, very far away. We left in the early afternoon on September 24th and didn't get to our condo until about 14 hours later, which was 11pm Hawai'i time (ugh). I had a lot of trouble with the jet lag going there, though I suspect a lot of that was also let-down from the wedding. On Tuesday morning (which felt like evening--again, ugh), we woke up to the beauty of Makaha Valley, on the west side of O'ahu.

Our condo was a small but spacious-feeling one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit that we found to be very comfortable. The picture above is the only one I got of the interior because it was pretty messy for most of the two weeks. :)

Between our adventures, Erich and I enjoyed relaxing, reading, and sipping mimosas on our narrow balcony, soaking up O'ahu's beauty.

This is my hair which dried after swimming in the ocean. I wish there was some way I could easily recreate this look:

Around our building we saw many peacocks strutting around. Here's one example:

Another animal of which we saw many around the parking lot were cats. Lots and lots of cats, which I can only assume are feral. We didn't see as much during the day, but they'd hang around a few cars at night:

Despite the fact that our home-base was in an out-of-the-way corner of O'ahu, necessitating long drives through pretty bad traffic to get to any other sights on the island, we liked Makaha Valley. It suited us far better than, say, Waikiki, and we expecially appreciated the very reasonable price we paid to stay there. And the condo included a Prius, which was cool to drive and saved a lot of gas. I leave you now with pictures of sunset, taken near the end of our trip, from the Makaha beach. I took about three times as many as you see here:

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