Sunday, June 22, 2008

Moments in Spain: High Above Bilbao

Do you think the children who play on this playground fully appreciate this view? Of course not, but they sure would if they ever saw Illinois!

I took these photos on a hill above Bilbao. I took a funicular up (for 72 cents euro) on an overcast day and found these amazing sights. I'm not sure what fascinated me so much about this playground, but it had an impact on me nonetheless.

The Basque country is very picturesque. And the Basque people have been living there--as far as they're concerned--forever! They are one of the only ethnic groups in the world (if not THE only) who have no migration mythology in their cultural lore. This fascinates me to no end. It's nearly impossible to say how long they have been walking these hills, speaking their insanely complex language. I intend to read more about the Basques, though I have been saying that for two months and still haven't made that library search. Soon, though! Those Basques are just downright fascinating.

You might say they've put their fingerprint on the landscape.

I think that's what this artist was going for. I can't say for certain as all the signage was in only Spanish (Castillian) and Basque. It was difficult to get by with only English in Spain compared with Germany or France, where I was not hopeless in German and quite conversant in French, but at least everything was an "adventure."

One thing I don't need language to understand: I could find a way to fill hours of my day just staring at these views. Though not quite so transfixing as a beach, endlessly lush eye candy abounds in these vistas.


Hannah J said...

That last pic is hypnotic. You are a much better photographer than I (for which reason I never post pics. Or that I don't have a digital camera that easily uploads.)

BTW - noticed on your other blog that you're on Facebook. I can't tell which of the Susan K*****s is you, though.

Susan K said...

It's thanks to my nice Canon digital camera that I take such nice pictures. :) But thanks for the compliment!

On Facebook, I'm Susan MaidenName MarriedName, so it would be obvious. I think I'm only searchable by people in my networks, which are Chicago and Valpo. I tried to find you, but couldn't. Hmmm.

Hannah J said...

I'm Hannah LastName (of which there are oodles), and my current profile pic is of a gloved hand holding a petri dish with blue bacteria in it. I'll search for you.