Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Summer's here, and my piano students are dropping like flies. They'll be back, probably when school starts again, but there's little I can do to force them to stick around. Many of them are staying with me, but between vacation schedules and summer camps, it will be far from regular.

This really sucks because Erich and I are hoping to save as much money as we possibly can if we want to be in a house within 2-5 years. I'm not making money sitting around!

Maybe I'm a defeatist, but I just don't think I'll be able to get any new students for the summer, even if I advertise. I suspect my most recent summer cancellation is an economical decision on their part. With gas prices where they are, piano lessons start to seem like quite the luxury, and if it's hard enough for some students to continue year-round, it will be downright impossible to draw in new clientèle. And then there's the age-old trend of people starting lessons when home life stabilizes in the fall. That's just how it is.

So what can I do? I'm really hesitant to give up the level of flexibility I have with my piano studio. I need it for the church music work I do, of which I have plenty this summer, but unfortunately, not for more money.

Sometimes I think I should just try to get some type of office-y day job, but I have no idea what kind of job to look for and whether I have the necessary skills. But I would have such a hard time committing to anything. I will to be a SAHM sometime, and I would have been starting in August. That didn't work out, and now it's anyone's guess as to when that will become my reality.

I hear retail calling my name, but I really, really, really, really, really, really, really don't want to do that.

How in the world can someone like me make extra money? House-sitting? Babysitting? I'd do any of that, but I don't know anyone who needs those services, and I'm too unmotivated to advertise that kind of work. If my blog made me money, I might be motivated enough to write in it more often.

And now these ponderances are making me grumpy. Back to cleaning the house. (Housewife! I'm good at that [ish]! money. Boo.)


anne said...

Retail, nooooo! Though there's nothing wrong with seeking employment at your favorite store purely for the discount :)

What about looking into Kindermusik programs, or teaching piano at a college? The people I know that teach music lessons at Concordia pretty much set their own schedules.

And then there's always Craigslist...

Good luck!

Timothy said...

I agree with Anne. Also, you are more than welcome to babysit for Alayna! The Weber girls are getting harder to book.

Hannah J said...

To earn $ from your blog, you'd need an Adsense account and comfort with doing financial stuff online. Then all it needs is a nice message asking readers to click on ads repetitively.

AKMike said...

Looks like we are in the same boat with summer gigs...stupid price of gas...$@^@^%#&*%$!!!

AKMike said...

ps I can be found at:

Cheryl said...

I require that my students take a minimum number of lessons over the summer. Otherwise I won't save their spot for them in the fall.

Right now I am booked solid with students, and I have just agreed to take a YNS choir back in the fall. Now I'm wondering what on earth I was thinking (more money, that's what). If you are still in piano teaching mode in the fall you will be the first to know if I get any inquiries I can't take (or if I decide I'm just too busy and need to let a few of my current students go).

Sarah said...

I think your summer plans should involve meeting me for lunch!