Saturday, February 9, 2008


When there's cereal in the house, I tend to go overboard. After several days of double-helpings of Grape Nuts after Erich leaves for work:

Erich: What happened to all the Grape Nuts??

Me: I TOLD you, I've been going nuts on the Grape Nuts.

Erich: But we just bought it, and I only had one bowl....

Me: What part of "I went nuts on the Grape Nuts" don't you understand?!?

Erich: The "grape"! I mean, where does that even COME from????

Me: lol


Sarah said...

I agree with Erich! What does the grape mean?

erin.g. said...

LOL Tim and I have very similar talks. About both issues. I tend to eat all the cereal too.

Hannah J said...

A single bowl just doesn't seem to fill me - but it could also depend on the bowl volume. I usually have either two bowls or something grapefruit-sized...but an hour later my stomach starts "oinking" when I breathe. Very distracting during choir rehearsal. ;)

BTW, when are you continuing Cheryl's latest meme?