Thursday, February 21, 2008


So, Losties, did you catch Hurley's reference to Xanadu in tonight's episode (don't worry, no spoilers)? I'm sure the writers just threw it in for fun because this movie is hilariously horrible.

I haven't seen it, but I learned about it from Entertainment Weekly when the Broadway musical was in production a few months ago. Apparently, it was a flop of a movie hoping to capitalize on Olivia Newton-John's popularity from Grease. Basically, Olivia Newton-John is a Greek muse who inspires some dude to open a roller disco. And also, they fall in love.

The music and the badness of the movie was enough to establish a pretty strong cult following. And now, through the magic of YouTube, we can see what I only assume is the movie in a nutshell, the final scene.

I'd say this video clip is eight minutes of your life well-wasted. Enjoy.

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anne said...

Yes! Only because my coworker Monica is obsessed! She and her husband even had a pre-party for the midnight showing of Xanadu at the Music Box a couple months ago. Only the weather was terrible and no one ended up going. But in light of Monica's glowing review of the wonderful horribleness, the library has now purchased our very own copy. I wonder if it will go missing like all of our other DVD's?