Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Party

Last year, I had this crazy idea to host a Halloween party as a personal incentive to get my house organized and decorated after the craziness of moving, the wedding, and the honeymoon. This was a craaaazy idea. Needless to say, it did not happen, but we did get to go to a great Halloween party put on by my friend and former roommate, Melissa, at my former place of residence.

This year, however, it totally worked out. Since I was planning the Halloween recital, I was already in the planning mode, and our place is finally to a point where I don't mind showing it off. And anyway, besides some food, all you really need is RockBand 2 (check), Beirut in the basement (check) and really, really awesome friends (check and check!)!

Sadly, I did not get photos of everyone in costume, but here's a sampling:

Anne and Jed as frontier folk

Tim and Erin, self-explanatory :)

My dad, aka "Wade"

Sarah and Chris as a flapper and Tequila Joe

George as Indiana Jones

Niki and Cory as Sigmund Freud and a graduated cylinder (get it?? :)

We had many other friends attend, but sadly these are all the pictures I got. Though I say so myself, this party really rocked. I can't wait to host more parties in the future!

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What did you two go as?