Saturday, December 6, 2008

Belated Friday Five: 12/5

1. Do you like the look of your country's currency (bills and coins)?

I don't dislike the look. But compared to other countries, they're pretty boring. On the other hand, currencies from other countries always seem more exciting because they're different.... In conclusion, I was happy to come home to regular old dollars after 4 months in Europe five years ago. They're a part of home. :)

2. Regardless of their actual value, do you like bills or coins better?

No matter what currency I'm working with, I enjoy trying to keep as few coins as possible. Europe uses many more coins than we do: their smallest bill is €5. Then they have coins for €2, €1, .50, .20, .10, .05, .02, and .01. I like the 1- and 2- Euro coins, and I feel it's kind of a shame that bigger coins like that haven't taken hold stateside. Kind of. Anywho, usually prices in Europe end with a nice round 0. Except in the grocery stores, when it's normal to end with a random number of cents. Therefore, in my months studying abroad, I got very adept at having my change out in my hand, ready to get rid of as many super-annoying .05, .02, and .01 coins (the copper ones) as possible. It was a triumph whenever I had none in my possession. No matter what country I was in and whose language I couldn't understand, I could give exact change at a grocery store. It was so fun to go to Spain this year and get rid of Euro coins again. It's the simple pleasures, folks.

What was the question? Oh yeah. I like coins because it's more of a game and a fun exercise in getting rid of pennies. :)

3. What is your favorite foreign currency? And why?

Think I'm going to say Euros? Well, I do like them because I enjoy that I know the currency, and the bills and coins are kind of pretty. And it's fun to look at the coins and figure out which country they were minted in as they all have different designs. So I guess you're right, I'm going with Euros. Borrring!

4. Do you collect coins or bills? Elaborate.

I have a small collection of coins, but they're more leftovers from countries I've visited. I'm sure if I dug through all my stuff I could find a bicentennial quarter or two, and I know somewhere I have a Columbus 500th Anniversary half dollar. But, I can't say I collect coins, and certainly not bills.

5. Do you think human society could make do completely without money? Explain.

Absolutely not. A group of 20 people living self-sufficiently on a farm? Maybe. But money is just something we need to make society work.

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