Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Five: 1/30

Way too long, no post. I'm trying to come back to you, internet.

1) How would you define beauty?

This is a very vague question that seems to require a detailed, nuanced answer that I just cannot provide right now. I'll just say I know it when I see it. It usually has to do with grace, poise, and low levels of self-awareness.

2) What is the best quality a person can have?

Honesty and two feet planted firmly on the ground. And a good sense of humor.

3) What is the worse quality a person can have?


4) What makes up your perfect match?

Erich and I have always been able to converse easily. He wasn't turned off by my biting sarcasm when we started dating and he gets my sense of humor. If he has trouble understanding my mind, he doesn't give up until he has a clearer picture. He cooks for me, he runs errands, he provides for us, and, most importantly, he has strong faith. I am a better person because he is in my life. He's my as-close-to-perfect-as-possible match. :)

5) Have you met this person yet?