Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Five: 2/27

1. What tastes best covered in chocolate?

My new favorite is the Trader Joe's spiced mango chocolate. It's got mango on the inside, and hot pepper on the outside. Sounds weird, but it's so good!

2. Why do you eat chocolate the way you do (or don't)?

Because it's yummy. And the dark stuff has all the antioxidants, oh yes. That's why I try to include enough of it in my diet. Plus red wine.

3. Do you know how chocolate is made?

I had to read the book Like Water for Chocolate in CORE class my freshman year at Valpo. I know it's a long process involving things having to be exactly the right temperature. So, to answer the question, no, I don't.

4. If you knew you would live 5 years longer if you never ate any chocolate again, would you give it up?

If someone could prove to me that chocolate will lead to my demise over a five-year period, I would give it up. Otherwise, I reject this question on the grounds that it is stupid.

5. Have you ever had carob?

Not on purpose.

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