Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prayers Needed

Dear blogland: Please keep the Magness family in your prayers (Phillip at Fine Tuning and Cheryl at A Round Unvarnish'd Tale).

Phillip's father has been struggling recently with back problems, and his diagnosis was confirmed yesterday: multiple myeloma. He was given weeks to live. Sadly, the Lord saw fit to call him home around midnight last night. The family is on their way down to Houston right now to make arrangements and also to be by Phillip's mother's side. She is scheduled for major heart surgery tomorrow, and in her frail state, her family does not hold high hopes of her survival.

Unfortunately, at times like these, normal life must trot along at a steady pace. Phillip is my church's Cantor, and we have to make do with his absence. And Cheryl and their son Trevor each have to give up some commitments as well: in addition to the chess tournament Trevor is forced to withdraw from, they both play piano, and we are in the heart of contest season. I am doing what I can to help out, and could use some prayers for strength in the next week or so.

As the church's Associate Cantor, or as I like to say, "Cantor In Case of Emergency," I have been called upon to fill at least part of the gaping hole left by Phillip. I had to play organ for tonight's Ash Wednesday service on just a few hours' notice. I will trek across the suburbs tomorrow early in the morning to rehearse with a choir Cheryl was supposed to accompany for contest this Saturday. I will have to play this weekend's services, as well as the following Wednesday Lenten services and day school chapel. I may have to squeeze in an appearance accompanying our day school's elementary musical in between a Tuesday filled with rehearsals and piano lessons, which Trevor was scheduled to do.

I realize this is only a taste of what our Cantor handles each week, but he also happens to be about ten times more capable than me. I'm feeling the burden of what I must take on. Beyond anything, I am pleased to be able to help a grieving family in whatever way I can. I pray for the strength to do everything to the best of my ability.

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