Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moments in Spain: Unclimbing Begoña

Begoña is an area of Bilbao on a hill on the edge of the city. I think of it as the Montmartre of Bilbao. Featuring a grand Basilica, the neighborhood was a good destination for me on one of my sunny Bilbao days.

Soon after reaching the summit, I finally glimpsed the beautiful Basilica.

I couldn't go inside, but I took a walk around.

I loved drinking in the greenness, the sun, the flowers, and the views. But soon there was nothing much else to do, so I began the descent and documented it in photos.

The steps deposited me at the Basque Museum! I went there a different day and loved it, despite the lack of anything in English. They have lots of artifacts and models of Basques through their incredibly long history.

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