Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wedding Memories: Church Arrival

It's really time to keep moving on this series before I forget every detail of that day almost 18 months ago. We left off with pictures in the garden in this post. Soon after that, we left for church.

When we arrived, the choir was warming up.

I couldn't pay attention long before feasting my eyes on floral wonderment. Our wonderful, fabulous florist absolutely came through. She took my ideas--fall theme, orange and green, bridesmaid dresses in "Vintage Pearl"--and came up with THIS:

Terra cotta roses. Mango calla lilies. Soft orange asiatic lilies. Buttery gerbera daisies. Hypericum berries and transparent oak leaves. I was there to marry Erich and all, but I kinda fell in love with my bouquet that day.

There were also transparent oak leaves in the pew ribbons.

That's Gina the florist in the back standing by my mom. She had set everything up and made sure it was just right. Before she left she visited me in my little waiting room, took my hands, and told me to enjoy the day and relax and everything will be great. She was the bomb. Meanwhile, my maids waited while I got a bunch of solo photos taken.

My extremely soon-to-be father-in-law, preparing for the service, stopped by to greet me:

Then I got some group photos with my maids. I look so much better with my jewelry on, and we all look better with flowers. I'm thinking these church shots put the garden photos to shame.

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Sarah said...

Thank you for reminding me how gorgeous those flowers were!!!