Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Five: 4/17

What is your favorite food from each food group?

1. Bread (Grain) Group:

Bread, doy. Oh, and corn! I love all kinds of corn and things made from corn, like corn on the cob, scalloped corn, and cornbread.

2. Meat (Protein) Group:

My new favorite protein is quinoa, but that makes me sound uppity. So, I'm partial to a good steak.

3. Vegetable Group:

raw bell pepper, any color, but especially green

4. Fruit Group:

banana and mango

5. Sugars, Fats and Oils:

Can't go wrong with a little EVOO. And I'd like to say jelly beans, but I've had a few too many of those lately. Thanks, Easter Bunny!

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