Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hawai'i, Part 8: Wild O'ahu, Continued

One of the last things Erich and I did in Hawai'i was a hike up Diamond Head, the famous volcanic tuff cone on O'ahu. It was quite a hike, but I must say I did pretty well, considering I dumped my only sturdy shoes in the trash on our way off the Big Island (they sucked), and the next best option were my celery green Crocs clogs. I know they're ugly, but those shoes are pretty amazing. My feet felt just fine after climbing up and down the mountain, and I only missed the ankle support of good shoes.

Some views from the way up:

It was such a nice day. I have four words for this next one:

Top. Of. The. World.

The views from the top were certainly worth the climb. It definitely wasn't that difficult, considering I could do it in Crocs, but there were 99 incredibly steep steps through a tunnel included in the trail to the top. I did not take any pictures of that part.

There is a typical pocket of Hawai'ian rain (which I talk more about here) off in the distance beyond Waikiki.

The most famous view of Diamond Head is from Waikiki Beach. But, above is the only view we ever got of Waikiki Beach, so if you want the famous view, I suggest Google. :)

It's interesting how the civilization embraces the terrain.

Diamond Head is a destination of many tourists from around the world.

Pictures like these take me to my happy place:

A nice couple offered to take our picture at the top. I want to be back there. Now.

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