Saturday, September 20, 2008

Moments in Spain: Pedestrian Bridge

Up until about ten years ago, Bilbao was known as an ugly industrial city on a murky brown river. Then the Guggenheim came to town and the city has been systematically beautifying ever since. I found the areas around the river and the parks to be quite pleasant.

One more recent addition to Bilbao is this pedestrian bridge:

Nice, right? It's art-y. Puts one in mind of a ship's sails, which is fitting as Bilbao was a center for shipbuilding for hundreds of years.

I walked over this bridge pretty much every day. All the best stuff to go see was on the other side of the river from our hotel.

Frankly, walking on this bridge was scary, especially when it was raining. I'm not a phobic person; I'm okay with heights, etc. But walking on slick glass of a bridge with open sides was not my favorite activity. I never truly felt unsafe, but it gave me the willies.

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