Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's about time

I'm a church musician and an organist. I'm all for traditional liturgy and styles in the church.

But I'm SICK and TIRED of all this BASHING of contemporary Christian music. I mean, I need music that speaks to ME in MY generation, or I just don't GET it. God's word isn't enough, and that's why it needs to be put into a context that I can understand. C'mon, I'm in the generation of the Millenials. If you don't meet my personal needs WHILE making me feel completely good about myself, I'm just going to move right along. YouTube is chock full of other theologies that would meet my needs.

What I need is a friend. A friend named Jesus. A friend named Jesus that I can learn all about in an upbeat, uplifting ska song.

See, I never knew Jesus was like a mountie. That really just helped contextualize the whole bible for me. Thanks, Sonseed!

H/T: Putting Out the Fire via Issues, etc.

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